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Dunlop Roadsmart 2 120/70 ZR17 (58W) & 180/55 ZR17 (73W)

Dunlop Roadsmart II

High performance sport touring tyre.

The new RoadSmart II is, in every sense, a milestone tyre for sport touring riders. An evolution of the hugely successful and popular RoadSmart, this new premium tyre uses race-proven Jointless Belt (JLB) and Multi-Tread (MT) technologies to deliver the ultimate sport touring mix of substantial mileage allied to class-equalling or classbeating performance in key handling areas. The all-round excellence of the RoadSmart II perfectly expresses Dunlop’s philosophy of riding with confidence.
By combining inspired Dunlop technologies such as Multi-Tread (MT) Compound, Jointless Belt (JLB) construction and advanced pattern design, the RoadSmart II provides big-bike riders with an outstanding combination of durability, wet weather braking, supersport-like grip in both dry and wet conditions and an extended level of performance as the tyres run through their wear cycle.
Today’s sport touring bike must also provide fun as well as security on twisty roads and in all conditions. Sport touring riders also expect extended mileage from their tyres, despite the fact that much greater stresses are placed on them by high-powered engines that are either sourced from supersport bikes or specifically designed from the start to produce tyre-torturing amounts of torque. Better handling, better performance, better endurance. Against this background of conflicting demands, Dunlop has produced a better response: the RoadSmart II
RoadSmart II benefits from Dunlop’s JointLess Belt (JLB) technology, a tyre construction system which uses corddensity engineering techniques to generate more linear steering, richer feedback, and top-class high-speed stability. JLB-engineered tyres offer improved levels of feel and feedback for the rider and confidence-inspiring stability through corners. JointLess Belt also increases tyre stiffness to help maintain the shape and integrity of the tyre grooves without compromising ride quality. In fact, RoadSmart II’s supple shock absorption properties provide enhanced comfort on longer rides. In the RoadSmart II, Dunlop’s JLB technology has been developed not only to add extra mileage but also to maximise the period of optimum performance delivered by the tyre as it wears down.

Tyre Attributes
Pattern Roadsmart 2
Tyre Type sport touring
Tube Type Tubeless

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