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Michelin Pilot Road 4 120/70 ZR17 (58W) & 180/55 ZR17 (73W)

Michelin Pilot Road 4

Another sport touring radial tyre breakthrough from Michelin. Ride with more confidence, whatever the conditions - rain or shine. Available in 3 versions: Standard, GT and Trail.

Thanks to new XST+ sipes, Pilot Road 4 tyres stop faster in the wet than any other tyres in the category.

Thanks to improved 2CT technology, Pilot Road 4 tyres last up to 20 per cent longer than the Pilot Road 3 tyres .

All-new silica-charged rubber compounds were developed for the Pilot Road 4 tyres. These compounds are specially formulated to provide excellent grip on a wide range of road surfaces, including painted lines and pedestrian crossings, making it easier for you to ride with confidence in virtually all conditions

Michelins 2AT technology provides added stability in both straight line and cornering situations to heavy touring bikes.

Tyre Attributes
Pattern Pilot Road 4
Tyre Type sport touring
Tube Type Tubeless

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